Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for weight loss is very effective when the reason you are overweight is overeating, or “problem eating”.

Overeating is usually an automatic, anxiety-based coping behaviour. It tends to occur frequently and repetitively without your having much conscious control over it. You may overeat in many different situations without realising you have done so until after the fact. What’s more, it is also a behaviour that you probably recognise as having negative health consequences.

When your overeating, or “problem eating” is an automatic (subconsciously driven) habit behavior, it is usually associated with your misinterpreting the messages being received from your stomach and the rest of your body. Your overeating behavior is immediately reinforced or gratified because it feels good, or satisfies the need to make sense of your body’s messages.

However, overeating behavior can often trigger negative physical sensations, such as  feeling overly full, bloated and stuffed, as well as negative emotional feelings afterwards, such as guilt, anxiety and shame.

Using hypnosis we can help patients conquer overeating or “compulsive eating” and change and control problem eating behavior.

Many patients have a history of going on and off various diets or have experienced some success on some diets initially, but then, at some point, began to have difficulty continuing to adhere to the particular dietary regimen. Initial weight loss that is not maintained is often followed by larger weight gains or “weight rebound”. These “dieting failures” often lead to demoralization and depression associated with negative coping behaviors.

Kim Robinson, our consultant hypnotherapist first finds the reasons why you eat too much or too often and then helps you overcome your problem. Hypnosis can be part of a Weight Loss Programme. Contact us now for more information.

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