07. 05. 2020


Our protocol is as follows:
* Patients with HEALTH & MEDICAL NEEDS are accepted for Extracorporeal  Shockwave therapy further to an online or telephone consultation.
* We have an hour’s gap in-between each patient appointment in order to disinfect appropriate areas in the clinic.
* We have limited appointment slots available each week.
* At the arrival outside the clinic, the patient is advised to call the mobile number provided and to refrain from using the doorbell or handle, or touching other surfaces in the clinic.
* The practitioner will open the door, give the patient gloves and a mask, and take the patient directly to the treatment room.
* The practitioner will be wearing a mask and gloves at all times.
* All surfaces before and after each patient will be medically cleaned with disinfectant.
* We will use  UV Germicidal Light Ultraviolet Disinfection Ozone Sterilization Lamp in our clinic in between patients.
* Patients are strictly advised not to attend an appointment if they are suffering any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone, who has within the agreed isolation period. If they have a cough or other similar symptoms due to a pre-existing condition this needs to be declared during the online/phone consultation, otherwise regretfully the appointment will be terminated upon arrival.
We take your SAFETY & HEALTH seriously, and until the government and health authorities change guidelines, we will ensure strict adherence to the protocol.