Triathlon Clinic

Our Triathlon Clinic can help athletes of all abilities and ages, from beginners who are going to compete in their first triathlon, to professional athletes competing at any distance. At PhysioExtra we understand how demanding a training programme for three separate disciplines can be on your body and therefore we can provide a tailor-made package especially for you to enable you to reach your peak level of performance. We are also happy to work with your coach/trainer to optimise your training/ rehabilitation.

First of all we need to find out what you need from us…


If you are unfortunate enough to have sustained an injury during training or competition our Team can get you back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. We can:

  • Assess and ascertain the root cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms
  • Give you a diagnosis and the best individual treatment plan for you
  • Provide achievable goals and a realistic time frame for optimal recovery
  • Not only get you back to full fitness but get you back to the sport you love in better shape than pre injury
  • Help to prevent any future recurrence of injury.

Concerned About Injury Prevention or Want to Enhance your Training?

If you would just like to prevent injury or you wish to improve your training and therefore performance, we can hep you by:

  • Doing a full movement analysis and a body screen to find out where any potential problem areas are
  • Highlighting any developing problems and resolve any potential issues before they are able to interrupt your training
  • Tailor-make your training plan to your competition calendar to make sure that your body peaks at just the right time.

Other Services

Our integrated team of therapists are on hand for any input required. Our Massage Therapists can decrease your recovery time as well as enhance your training. Our Dietitian can improve your eating plan to give you the optimal levels of energy for your schedule. If you would like to add a different dimension to your training, our Personal Trainer can provide you with a programme to suit your current goals. Ultimately, at PhysioExtra we can provide you with exactly the right plan for you, whether you would benefit from our full repertoire or whether you would like an occasional session with one of us.

 Train Better                                   Perform Better                                 Recover Better

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