Stroke Survivor Clinic

Different Neuro-Physiotherapy approach

Our physiotherapist is highly experienced Neuro-physiotherapist in the rehabilitation of neurological conditions such as Stroke. Our friendly and fun approach to treatment makes improving your condition an enjoyable experience.

We believe in you!

We never tell anyone “that’s it, let us be realistic, you can’t do it, live with it…”. The truth is you have recovery potential that you don’t know. We, at Physio Extra want to unlock this potential and guide you to build your confidence, and we will do

our best to combine our extensive knowledge in Neuro-physio and our “think out of the box” approach to get you as independent as possible and to improve your quality of life.

We think outside the box!

The brain is made of an extensive network of neurons, nerves and neuro-chemicals, let’s call them an extensive network of routes. If one area or road is closed off, then we will be your sat nav to help you take other routes to get to your destinations. In other words, we will always by finding different stimulations to excite your brain cells, a connection or diversion will be made between the brain and muscles to make you move better and progress. We will achieve this by always trying different new treatments, tools, functional tasks and fun games.

We want you to understand!

By educating you every step of the way, telling you why we do a certain treatment, use those tools, and for what? We empower you, make you take charge of your recovery, see improvements, and feel motivated to keep going.

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