Running Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are keen runners, so they understand how important it is for you to get back running as soon as possible after an injury.

We can provide video analysis using our digital video camera and treadmill. The analysis includes observing your walking and running to identify inefficiencies in movement. An accurate diagnosis can be found by very carefully observing your movements at a slower speed on camera. The therapist will explain your dysfunction and be able to show you how to correct it. As a double benefit, correcting your technique often results in improved times as well!

Our Physiotherapists:

  • Are trained and experienced personal trainers, they can develop, advise and correct your training programme, running technique, advise on orthotics and work on your core stability.
  • Can provide you with pre and post-event deep tissue sport massage.
  • Will undertake biomechanical evaluation, which includes muscle/soft tissue length, video analysis on treadmill, core stability strength, postural type and its influence on running/movement and muscle strength.


To find out more about our Running Clinic and Running Physiotherapy contact us now; we are here to help you.

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