Personal Training Children

It does not work when parents tell their children to get fit! Being overweight may be an issue but a lack of self confidence and self esteem may also be part of the problem. At PhysioExtra we have a team of experts who specialise in covering your child’s emotional and physical needs… and it’s a model we have found to be a winner!

A parent who visited us with their child reported later:

“My child was bullied at school for being fat, weak in his rugby, and slow, but with Physio Extras help, he’s lost weight is stronger and much more confident” J.P.

Our personal trainers use NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) , medical knowledge in physical development, and years of experience in exercise with children, to deliver safe, positive & healthy results.

We have divided personal training for children into two types (but could be a mix of the two):

Confidence Builder

This type of training aims at building your child’s confidence by tackling weight management issues, bullying problems, self-esteem and image concerns.

Sports Specific

This type of training is for children who want to improve in an existing sport, or who need help identifying a future sport to specialise in, such as athletics, tennis, golf, rugby, netball, hockey, football or basketball, etc.

Games influence brain development; they can stimulate economical thought, and fast, team orientated actions. They promote rapid responses, self organisation, and control. They can also instil a strong sense of team spirit and self confidence. To children, these qualities are vital.

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