Mum & Baby Clinic

Our Mum and Baby Clinic is a service especially tailored to Mum and Baby’s needs before, during and beyond pregnancy. At PhysioExtra we have an expert team of professionals working together under one roof to help you to enjoy one of the most special phases of your life.

Our Acupuncturist (Rebecca) has many years of experience in fertility treatments, which can be beneficial to those either trying to conceive naturally of through IVF.

If you are planning a pregnancy, getting into shape beforehand can be very advantageous. Not only can good health aid conception but research has also demonstrated that if you enter a pregnancy with a good level of fitness you are more likely to enjoy a low- risk pregnancy and experience a swifter return to your pre-pregnancy weight following child birth. Our Medical Dietitian (Sarah) is on hand to give advice on healthy eating, relevant to the stage of your pregnancy.

Our Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainer (Claire) can help you through the whole journey, making sure that you are well prepared for pregnancy with a safe exercise plan appropriate to each trimester.

Common Associated Effects of Pregnancy on the Body:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Weight Gain
  • Allergies and Dietary Changes
  • Foot Injuries and Excessive Weight Pressure
  • Depression

Pre Natal

Many women suffer with back pain during their pregnancy. In the majority of cases symptoms will subside once the baby is born but you may find physiotherapy treatments beneficial to ease the discomfort. Leon and Vicki are on hand to assess and treat any aches and pains as a result of your pregnancy.

Treatments Available:

  • Manual physiotherapy techniques (please see our physiotherapy treatments page)
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Pilates and strength training for core stabilisation and pelvic floor strengthening
  • Customised exercise routines
  • Hypnotherapy for relaxation, to reduce anxiety and to help relieve pre and post natal depression
  • Acupuncture

Post Natal

For Baby

Baby massage is a lovely way for you and your partner to bond with your new arrival. Shirley-Anne can take you through the benefits, which include improving weight gain, aiding digestion and circulation and easing teething pain as well as aiding the sleep process.

For Mum

Pelvic floor re-education and general strength and fitness training can help you get back to your pre-pregnancy condition and will help to reduce incidence of complications and injury/pain.

Therapeutic massage is a wonderful way to alleviate aches and pains for all Mums. Our therapists are also injury specialists and therefore can give a treatment specifically tailored to your needs and can advise on any small issues or worries you may have.


We would love to hear from you, so if you would like any more information on our Mum and Baby Clinic, call now to speak to one of our therapists.

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