Golf Clinic

At PhysioExtra we identify and treat injuries and also detect any possible physical and postural limitations for the golfer. In this way, we attempt to prevent injury and help golfers achieve peak golfing performance.

We work to make your body more prepared for golf and therefore enhance your game with longer drives and improved accuracy, with the ultimate goal of helping you to lower your handicap.

golf swing

The golf swing is a complex chain of movements. If one link in the chain has insufficient movement or strength, compensations must be made elsewhere in the body. The consequences of these weak links to the golf swing are:

  • Altered swing path and ball flight
  • Inconsistency
  • Reduced power and distance
  • Injury

At PhysioExtra we will help you identify such weaknesses and find solutions to maximise your performance.

What can you expect from the Golf Clinic?
  • Screening to detect physical and postural limitations and muscle imbalances
  • Collaboration with your coach to fully enhance your technique
  • Personal Training specific to golf to improve your strength, stamina and performance
  • Physiotherapy and Sports Massage to get you back into shape or to optimise your performance and recovery
  • Our multidisciplinary team are on hand to get you back to full fitness in the best way to suit you.
Can the Golf Clinic Help You?

Our Golf Clinic is not just applicable to top golfers; it can be applied to all levels from amateurs to professionals.

What are the Benefits of The Golf Clinic?
  • Your body will be more prepared for golf performance and therefore you will enhance your game
  • With longer drives and improved accuracy, you can watch your handicap decrease
  • Your individual programme will also promote injury prevention
  • We can provide individuals, corporate and club assessments/support package deals.

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