Foot Scan & Orthotics

Footstepz system

Footstepz is a system using a world leading dynamic foot scanner with unique smart computer analysis, expert biomechanical assessment, and bespoke 3D printed quality orthotics (insoles), taking into account your chronic pains related to your feet, future potential injuries related to your feet, and prevention of feet-body posture problems.

We are unique and our service is exceptional!

In case of an injury or pain, we look at you holistically with our effective 3 steps approach:

  1. Listen to your symptoms
  2. Cure the damage
  3. Address & correct the root cause

The foot scan

We use the latest foot scan in the world to give you the most accurate analysis of your feet. Our scanning method is not like the traditional way of standing or having a stationary feet mould, video analysis, or a technician dependent observation. Our scan analyses your foot dynamically, i.e. walking or running and balancing on a pressure plate with millions of sensors linked to artificial intelligence computer software. The sensors translate your foot biomechanics and behaviour in order to give our expert panel of medical professionals a clear report of your foot risk assessment, and its impact on the rest of the body in terms of potential injury, or the cause of current injury. Once the scan with its report (including taking history and mechanism of your injury) is given to our medical panel, the team will accept the accurate 80% automatic corrective suggestion by the artificial intelligence, and add the rest 20% discussed and agreed changes. This finally get implemented by the artificial intelligence to tailor make your 3D printed orthotics (insoles) with the 100% correction to your feet and biomechanics.

Success story – case study

A patient came with pain symptoms in the back of his ankle, cramp in his calf and tender to touch Achilles’ tendon. After our physical examination and gathering injury history, we diagnosed the injury as Achilles Tendonopathy. We used a combination of stretches, exercises and focused Shockwave Therapy to CURE the damaged tendon. From our subjective and objective assessment we’ve found there’s a biomechanical fault in the foot that caused the injury. So we off loaded the tendon by offering bespoke 3d printed orthotics and recovery home slippers. The recovery of such injury was 99.99%.

Feet impact on the rest of body

The feet are the foundation of your body, and most of your chronic pains sometimes comes from the feet up. Bad biomechanics of the feet can have a knock on effect on the rest of the body: e.g. fallen foot arch leads to rotated knee, rotated knee leads to grinding of the meniscus (cartilage in your knee), also this rotation leads to tighter ITB (the muscle on the side of the leg from the hip to the knee), tight ITB leads to tilted hip, tilted hip causes hip pain and pull on the back causing lower back pain!

For example a car owner will regularly maintain their car and sometimes if the tyres are slightly out, then the tracking is altered and this will lead to wear & tear of the tyres and the performance of the car! Your feet are the foundation of your body and they deserve regular checks to prevent debilitating pains, unnecessary medical surgeries and bills!

The Orthotics

Our orthotics (insoles) are made from 3 layers:

  1. Corrective base: very light, less bulky with lifetime durability (made of polyamide 12)
  2. Middle comfort layer: used by the British military army to absorb impact (made of D3O)
  3. Top: a smart synthetic leather finish

Our orthotics (insoles) are bespoke to suit

  1. Day to day walking; for injury prevention and comfort
  2. Golfers to enhance their games
  3. Skiers to give them more stability
  4. Runners ( to improve performance, as used by Paula Radcliffe – British marathon runner)

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