Personal Training and Body Building

Prior to a Body Building programme, we will take you through an initial consultation.

This provides us with details of your body building goals and also your current body stats/measurements, which we can monitor in order to chart your progress.

For example we will measure your:

Body Building Goal Setting

Your goal setting doesn’t just include your performance goals but also includes things such as your training calendar and nutrition plan. We need to put together a schedule so that you stay consistent and identify how much training is necessary for progress to happen.

For example, you might aim to weight train five days each week, do cardio three days per week, and all the while keep a watch your daily calorie intake.

Training should always be consistent.

We usually put someone on a proven routine and get them to stick with it for a few months.

If you follow the principles correctly you will start gaining muscle at serious rate. Find out more about Personal Fitness Training for Bodybuilding contact us now.

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