Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine takes advantage of the co-evolution of people and plants to provide gentle but sustained recovery from chronic ill health. The traditional herbs used are obtained from plants, including the roots, seeds, leaves and flowers. The prescribing of herbal medicine in the UK is strictly regulated and no substances are used from animals, minerals or protected plants.

There are hundreds of herbs in a traditional pharmacy with thousands of active compounds, many of which science are beginning to explore. Some of the herbs have been studied in more detail such as those looking at herbs and menopause, asthma, depression, immunity, cardiovascular system, IBS, fertility and IVF, PCOS and neurodegenerative and anti inflammatory properties.

The conclusive research in human trials in the English language is as yet quite small but these herbs have been used safely by educated people for thousands of years. In Chinese the research is extensive both on the whole herbs, or the formulas and on isolated compounds. Most of the western drugs we use come from plants, they are a source of many wonderful therapeutic compounds.

Rebecca is our specialist in Chinese Herb Medicine and it is vitally important to her that the herbs she prescribes are safe. Her passion for this has led her to work on regulatory council of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine to ensure safe supply of herbs in UK and to lecture on pharmacognosy, material medical and advanced oriental medicine on MSc courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture.

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