Here at PhysioExtra, we understand that adhering to an exercise regime can be challenging, especially when you are trying to do this on your own. Fear not! The PhysioExtra Bootcamps are here to keep your fitness goals on track.

With us, you can workout in the beautiful surroundings of Ham Common and even bring as many friends as you like with you. Your first session is completely free so you can try us out with absolutely no obligations. It is also a great opportunity to meet new friends and to have fun whilst exercising.

How do we Differ from Other Bootcamps?
  • Take advantage of a free body assessment with one of our Injury Specialists before you train
  • Train safely with exercises pitched at your level; with Physiotherapist-approved safe exercises any of your ailments can be taken into account.
  • You wont be tied into going every week if you don’t want to. Our pay as you go rate allows you the flexibility to choose when you would like to train
  • Our Bootcamps are suitable for all fitness levels, ages and abilities.

So if you would like to drop a dress size, tone up or just train differently in a fun environment, our Bootcamp is for you!

What do you Need to Bring?

You just need to bring yourself; all equipment is supplied by us! Bootcamps start at 10am on Saturdays over by the pond on Ham Common.


Pay as you Go      £12 per session

12 Sessions           £120 (£10 per session)

25 Sessions          £225 (£9 per session)

Please ring in advance to book your first session.

Be a Better You!

If you would like to know more about our Bootcamps or would like to book on, ring us now!

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