Addiction Hypnotherapy

Modern science has come a long way in treating many addictions, but many people are now turning to complementary therapies such as hypnotherapy to help them quit their addiction habit with minimal side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

How Hypnotherapy Treats Addictions

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping to treat a wide range of addictions. It can be used to reinforce the behavioural changes that are sought by those seeking to break their addictions. Hypnotherapy can help people with a range of issues from high stress and low self esteem to motivation and self improvement. It is not a cure in and of itself, and should be used as part of a broader treatment programme.

Hypnotherapy aims to retrain the subconscious mind in order to affect and modify any sort of behaviors, including addictive ones.

Quite often an addict carries a strong physical dependence with the addiction as well as a psychological one, which are both addressed with hypnotherapy. Before treatment can take place, the individual must want to or already have given up their habit. In the sessions, the hypnotherapist can assist the client in gaining control over their habit in many ways, including by:

  •     Setting targets and goals
  •     Suggesting modified behaviours to the subconscious mind surrounding the addiction
  •     Identifying relapse triggers and developing avoidance strategies
  •     Reinforcing in the subconscious mind a positive attitude, other motivational techniques, self-control and body image
  •     Addressing emotional and psychological issues surrounding the addiction

Most addictions may be treated in two to four sessions. However if the addiction is more long-standing, additional treatment may be required.

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