About Physio Extra

Extraordinary medical physio services. With a clinical success rate of 90%, experienced senior medical professionals and new medical treatment technology, we are confident in helping you with your pain, injury and condition.

We are different!

Regenerative Physio-Medical clinic that offers advanced treatment using the latest medical technology, and the best new and traditional methods to accelerate healing, stimulate the body’s own stem cells to regenerate, recover more effectively and get you pain free faster.

Your medical team

Our clinics offer a unique multidisciplinary team. The team includes GPs / Doctors / specialists / fitness consultants / Physiotherapists / Neuro-Physiotherapists, complementary health professionals, and many more. An interactive team with private referrals to scans such as MRI, blood tests, medicine and referrals to top London consultants, all under one umbrella with one aim! The aim is to work together for the best treatment option for you.